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On not knowing: how artists think

Kettle's Yard House, Cambridge, 29th June 2009 

This one-day symposium will look at the role of 'not knowing' within the creative process. Whilst making an artwork an artist may move between a strong sense of direction and a more playful or meditative state of exploration and experimentation.  Within this process a sense of not knowing can be as important to the artist as a set of clear intentions.  This day will examinr how artists formulate strategies of not knowing and use the states of ignorance, doubt, block and failure within their decision  making processes. The state of 'not knowing' or engaging with the unknown is also clearly acknowledged as an important aspect of all research and speakers from across disciplines will join visual artists to debate these issues from a number of perspectives.  

This event has been organised by Rebecca Fortnum in collaboration with Kettle's Yard, the Visual Intelligences Research Project and the How Art Thinks research project at the International Centre for Fine Art Research at University of the Arts London.