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The December 2007 issue of Journal of Visual Art Practice will be guest edited by Rebecca Fortnum and Chris Smith, and be devoted to the issue of the documentation of the creative process.

Ian Heywood and Rebecca Fortnum presented papers at the Association of Art Historian's Annual Conference at Tate Britain on 3rd April 2008 in the strean The Teaching Studio covened by Mike Belshaw and Andrew Warstat. 

Rebecca Fortnum gave a paper at the ELIA research conference in Zurich in April 2008 entitled "On not knowing: the creative process and the academy". 

Ian Heywood was invited to become one of only 15 selected scholars a the Stone Summer Theory Institute at the Art Institute of Chicago in the summer of 2008.

Rebecca Fortnum gave a paper with Dr Claire Macdonald, Director of the International Centre for Fine Art Research at University of the Arts London at Sensuous Knowledge 5, in Bergen entitled, 'The Internal Quality Audit; how artists judge themselves' in October 2008